Welcome to Vineyard One – A Vineyard Church in New York City

We are part of God’s diverse family, creatively carrying on the work of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Practically speaking, this means that we worship God, study the Bible, pray for each other and serve each other and our community.

We have experienced God’s goodness in our lives, and believe he is offering the same goodness to you.  Whoever you are, whatever  your native language is, and wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome to join us.


Vineyard One meets at PS 132 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on the corner of Manhattan and Conselyea Streets. Join us at 10:30 am every Sunday for a service of song, scripture and prayer. Bagels and coffee are provided for everyone!



Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision for a Vineyard Church comes from the observation that Jesus is seeking one new people, comprised of many nations – a people to love, indwell and empower. We seek to become that people.

Our mission as a Vineyard Church is to proclaim and demonstrate the reality of God’s loving, powerful presence in the world.

The values that most powerfully motivate us as a Vineyard Church include:

  • Love for God, expressed in worship and adoration. We seek to develop a deeply loving relationship with God. We want to recognize and grow in our experience of how deeply God loves us. We want to express our love for God from the deepest parts of our selves.
  • Love for other Christians, expressed in warm hospitality, honest conversation about real issues, forgiveness and reconciliation when sin or offense occurs, and helping each other when someone is in need. We want to be a diverse community that shares our lives together.
  • Love for people who are in our community, expressed in service and welcome. We invite other people to join us and taste the community we have together. We serve them utilizing our talents and skills and gifts. We tell them about the love that God has for them as we develop honest friendships.
  • Experience of God – In times of prayer and worship, God’s presence can be felt and experienced by people. We seek to enter God’s presence, to experience with our intellect, our emotions, our physical bodies, however God would express himself.
  • Family of God – Growing a community of the children of God, people who put their faith in Jesus and follow him. We welcome people from many background with diverse values and experiences to come and join the family of believers. We treat each other with respect, we offer each other acceptance, we challenge each others’ assumptions, we share with people who are in need, and we hang out and enjoy each others’ company.
  • Kingdom of God – Our understanding of the story told in the bible, the story of a good creation, deep brokenness, and God’s work to establish a kingdom through which he will redeem all of creation. We live as citizens of God’s kingdom, demonstrating the present reality of the kingdom of God as well as the future completion of this kingdom.